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Circe and Lux
The lady on the hill brushed her curly red hair out of her eyes in a soft motion as she looked down at the fresh sping grass blowing in the wind. A sigh escaped her mouth and after a moment of silence her beautifully striking emerald green eyes flicked over to the man next to her.
"Me Amore, let's go." Her voice was so soft against the wind which carried it to the man's ears.
"But the forest is so green and bright, why not we stay a little longer?" The man smiled, placing his arm around her waist only to pull her closer to him. Her hand was placed on his chest as she stared deeply into his eyes.
"But the sunrise has already passed, must my father torture me any longer with his brilliant gaze?"
The man laughed. "Cirece, Helios is not a man to be avoided. If that was the case I would not have suggested we wake this early to see the sight."
"Well the sight is over. Must we stay out in the cold any more?"
The man sighed as he took her hands. "No, if you wish it we will go." The red haired
:iconisellahowler:IsellaHowler 2 7
Year of the Dog Kijikaiaku Adopt by IsellaHowler Year of the Dog Kijikaiaku Adopt :iconisellahowler:IsellaHowler 5 1 Shattered Snowflake by IsellaHowler Shattered Snowflake :iconisellahowler:IsellaHowler 6 5 Hidden Snowflake by IsellaHowler Hidden Snowflake :iconisellahowler:IsellaHowler 9 2 Tainted Snowflake by IsellaHowler Tainted Snowflake :iconisellahowler:IsellaHowler 6 4 Snowflake by IsellaHowler Snowflake :iconisellahowler:IsellaHowler 7 0 Frostbitten Snowflake by IsellaHowler Frostbitten Snowflake :iconisellahowler:IsellaHowler 8 2 Sketched Snowflake by IsellaHowler Sketched Snowflake :iconisellahowler:IsellaHowler 4 0 Simply Sketched Snowflake by IsellaHowler Simply Sketched Snowflake :iconisellahowler:IsellaHowler 5 4 Snowflake~ by IsellaHowler Snowflake~ :iconisellahowler:IsellaHowler 7 2 Fragile Snowflake by IsellaHowler Fragile Snowflake :iconisellahowler:IsellaHowler 4 0

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Pictures people have drawn of my characters. :3

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Bae is the Danish word for poop.
You shouldn't use it to refer to someone unless you intend to offend them.
...I'm bored...
...I need more friends who live in Colorado...
:icontangletallon:Tangletallon 2 14
Dress up as Hisoka by YAMsgarden Dress up as Hisoka :iconyamsgarden:YAMsgarden 591 58 Birdly cat by hontor Birdly cat :iconhontor:hontor 881 13 Animal (Colored version) by pineple1 Animal (Colored version) :iconpineple1:pineple1 37 24

What am I up to?

I have a tendency to go on little sprees. :P Then immediately drop it for an indefinite time, only to return when I feel like it or am going on another spree of it. :P What am I currently doing...?

I am:

Currently editing my toyhouse and finishing Christmas stuff

If you had the money, how much would you pay for my art? 

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Buy me or my Husband a Meal?
A can of food is like a dollar or two, and that's what we eat for our meals... Anything helps! Thank you!!
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Thanks so much!!!
Pipe Cleaner Critters (Mini)
Mini versions of Basic
-one color
Pipe Cleaner Critters (Basic)
- One Color
Pipe Cleaner Critters (Ninja)
- One Color
- Black or White Body
Pipe Cleaner Critters (Multi Color)
- More than one color
Pipe Cleaner Critters (Advanced)
- More Advanced w/ Special Features
Pipe Cleaner Critters (Commission)
Commissioned dragons have a lot of advanced patterns and details to them, like a character or OC.


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If I would do a contest for LOK what would you be more interested in? 

5 deviants said art contest- prize being a cameo
3 deviants said art contest- prize being art
2 deviants said raffle- prize being a cameo
2 deviants said Not interested
1 deviant said Create-a-(Blank) contest (Where you create something and have a chance to have it featured in LOK or a mini comic
No deviants said art contest- prize being something tangeble
No deviants said raffle- prize being something tangeble
No deviants said raffle- prize being your own species
No deviants said Patron only contest
No deviants said No contest but a LOK YCH would be cool


When you go in to work at 6 am because you don't know if you work at 6 or 6:30, and you work at 6:30...
And you hope you get off at 1:30 but knowing your luck will get off at 2, turns out you work till 2 but end up staying an extra 30 minutes usually to stock and do till, then your team leader asks you to stay till 2:30, and you don't end up leaving till after 3:00 pm
Working on Legend of Krea right now, super psyched at how great it's coming out! I'm doing an older style of mine but with my newer developed skills, so LOK will be in color :D Planning on finishing at least 1 chapter before starting to post it.
I have found my new favorite comedian. His name is Bill Burr, and I'm watching his 'Why Do I Do This?' live show on Netflix XD

I like to eat my PB&J sandwich inside out just to piss my husband off XD
Okay, so I was working the cash register at the drive-thru for Jack in the Box. The day went as it usually happened, there were people who were going through the drive-thru and stuff and all the sudden this big huge rush happened and of course, I hate rushes. But anyways throughout this line of cars that was going through I had one of my co-workers Christina backing me up; I was taking the orders she was handing them out and cashing people out most of the time. This one lady in the drive-thru when I went over to hand her her food, I handed her the bag and like it confused me really badly because I handed her her food then went up to clear it and then she handed me her card. She said something that I didn't really pick up the headset, it kind of impairs my hearing for actually talking to people in person so I had to move the headset out of the way but still I couldn't really understand what she said. So I grabbed her card cuz I figured 'oh she hasn't paid her for her food yet' so I grabbed her card and I cashed her out and handed her back her card and then saw when I went to clear it that the order that I had handed her had curly fries but the order that I just cashed her out on did not and so I was like 'oh dang did I accidentally give her the wrong food?' and that's when I started freaking out because I got in big trouble a while ago for passing out the wrong food like almost every order and so I recalled the previous order and saw it had the curly fries so I thought maybe she paid for the wrong order or something? And I'm like super confused at this point and my mind is racing because it's rush hour and so I turned to her and I finally after talking with her for a split-second I realize that she just paid for the guy behind her on purpose. Flabbergasted, I was like what just happened? OMG I'd never think... But then the next guy came and tried to hand me a five dollar bill and I told him the other lady paid for his food. He was like really grateful for that and so I gave him his food and he drove off and the next lady was like "I just saw that that lady paid for him that was so amazing that was such a good will" and I want to call a radio studio or something that has those Hometown Heroes type thing where they give a shout out to somebody who did an amazing act of heroism or good will and I want to tell them this story; unfortunately I don't remember which radio station does this and I have no idea what that lady's name is. It was an amazing Act of Goodwill and it inspires me to try to do something for other people. People like that are amazing, and so I wanted to share this on Deviantart and with you guys. I hope you all have wonderful days and get inspired by this story to go out and help others this holiday season like she did :D


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I'm just saving up so I can support other artists~ Anything helps! ^^

Anyone notice my goal number? :3

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What do you see me as? 

45 deviants said A random person
26 deviants said A friend
7 deviants said Multiple of the above/other (Please comment :P)
5 deviants said Someone I can relate to
4 deviants said Idol/Inspiration
3 deviants said Someone I watch
1 deviant said Senpai


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